27th Feb 2017 - American-V: subscription offer

New or old, classic or custom, bar-hopper or continental tourer, you’ve got to love ’em for their style, their presence, the quality of their engineering and the joy of a 3,000rpm heartbeat coupled with the torque of a big, lazy American V-twin. No one builds bikes like the Americans. 

Put together with passion by Harley-Davidson owners and enthusiasts, American-V magazine has established itself as the trusted, objective voice of the American motorcycle owner, with its right hand on a proper-sized twistgrip and a finger on the industry’s pulse. 

Often first with new developments – and frequently the first to put them in the context of the genre – the American-V team understands the ‘why’, moves heaven and earth to get to the ‘how’, and celebrates the ‘just because…’ of motorcycles that are made differently for a good reason. 

We’d like to extend a very special offer to H.O.G.® members, to take out a subscription to American-V for 18 months at just £37.99 and receive an exclusive introductory gift of a themed t-shirt.

To take advantage of this offer telephone 01905 401655 or email hogoffer@american-v.com. Please include your membership number when contacting us.

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