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H.O.G. Egypt Rally

11th Mar 2010 - 13th Mar 2010 H.O.G. Egypt Rally

H.O.G. Egypt Rally

Sharm el-Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt

March 11-13, 2010

Go for a ride on your Harley-Davidson in the same place where Moses travelled and King Ramses rode his chariot in ancient battles. The H.O.G. Egypt Rally will take place March 10-14, 2010, in the city of Sharm El Sheikh, which combines the underwater treasures of the Red Sea, great weather and the luxury of today’s hospitality. Organised by the Cairo Chapter, this event promises to be a fantastic party! 

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A destination well known to the world with its incomparable treasures of the underwater world, great weather and hospitality. Sharm El Sheikh welcomed Harley-Davidson owners from all over the world to attend the Rally that was hosted at Le Royal Hotel and Sharm Grand Casino Parking, Naemaa Bay.

In three days full of entertainment starting with organized rides, a welcome party in which Screw Driver and Percussion bands rocked our night, to Wadi Firan in the middle of the Sinai mountains hosting our Friday lunch, back to Cairo Kee Arabic rock band; to closing the ceremony with the breathtaking site of the Peace parade that took place from the hotel all the way to Nabeq and back, to end in Naema bay in front of the Lido Ibrotel.

The closing ceremony was a time in which all the riders celebrated the end of their journey, whether they came all the way from Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi or Cairo. We danced at Neserin Zerik singing and cheered for the gorgeous belly dancer Dina. Every picture is a story of how all differences melt into the passion of sharing one common interest of riding your Harley-Davidson.


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