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Barcelona Harley Days, Spain

08th Jul 2011 - 10th Jul 2011 Barcelona Harley Days, Spain

Barcelona Harley Days, Spain - 8-10 July 2011

Custom Bike Show winners

Winner - Ton Ribes, Spain, 'Flower power'
Runner-up - Jordi Pomes, Spain, FL 1957 Panhead

Winner - Ricky Lopez, Marbella, Spain, 'Forever old'
Runner-up - Lute Torres, Spain, 'Chache'

Big Twin
Winner - Adolfo Calle, Spain, '40'
Runner-up - Toni Serrallo, Spain, 'Evo'

Winner - Prz'l Bylsk, France, 'Affliction'
Runner-up - Jose Antonio Gomez, Spain, 'Blue rod'

Ladies of Harley
Winner - Eva Font, Barcelona, Spain, 'Black Pearl'
Runner-up - Laura Mateos, Spain, 'Betty'

Winner - Cristina Roldan Cardenas, Barcelona, Spain, 'Gaudi'
Runner-up - Nuria Chacana Roldan, Argentina, 'Platera'

Winner - Juan Jose Cerri, Argentina, 'Hard rock cafe'
Runner-up - Toni Serrano Palma, Spain, 'Razor'

Winner - Massimo Boldrin, Italy, White Lightning

Winner - Dream Machine Motorcycles, Spain, 'Morsus' Akrapovic
Runner-up - Juan Vadel Ferrer, Mallorca, '187 by Martita'

Winner - German Augarita, Spain, 'Patensola'
Runner-up - Gonzalo Veiea, Barcelona, Spain, 'Abril'

People's Choice - Adolfo Calle, Spain, '40'

Best in show - Dream Machine Motorcycles, Spain, 'Morsus' Akrapovic

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